Floral Journey BANGKOK, a new book project by Sakul Intakul, in collaboration with
The Museum of Floral Culture.
Scheduled to be launched in September 2013, Floral Journey BANGKOK is the newest and
the only guide book on the city of Bangkok for those who love plants, flowers, and gardens and
for those who are interested in floral art and floral culture.
In Floral Journey BANGKOK, Sakul Intakul shows you where the flowers bloom in the city of angels,
Sakul Intakul takes you to experience the beautiful gardens of Bangkok, the exotic flower markets,
and the extraordinary plant markets of Bangkok. Also featured in Floral Journey BANGKOK are age-old,
exquisite mural paintings of Thai floral arts at Wat Somanas and Wat Thepthidaram.
Floral Journey BANGKOK encompasses important aspects of Thai floral traditions,
Thai symbolism of plants and flowers, floriculture, and horticulture. Additionally,
Floral Journey BANGKOK records the way of the lives of the Thai people that are intertwined
with flowers; both in everyday life and in festivities such as the floral alms at Wat Ratchabophit.